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The World Is Falling

...but that's my least concern...

31 March 1989
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I'm a...

21 year old, knitting, bitching, cock-sucking, tight-jean wearing, garden green-thumb, bird flipping, indie rocking, fall out boy orgasming, political science-ing(?), colored condom wearing, dyscalculic, chaos-making, anxiety inducing, activist uproaring, protest leading, social justice-ing(? again), anti-racist, anti-oppression(ist?), unitarian universalist, rhyming, futbol playing, heart-throb loving, neck cracking, make-out whoring, compulsive reading, certified massage therapist, yoga doing, toenail picking, tv watching, enviromentally friendly, panty wearing, burlesque/fire dancing, goddess worshiping, reiki healing, hand sewing, anti-tubesock wearing, project making, all-around-do-gooder, maneating, booty shaking, bullshit finding, douchbaggery killing, body-modding, faux-cock wearing, random filming, snakebite pierced, transgender queer ass bait, banned from many places, toe wiggling, daily masturbating, diy making, glasses wearing, pin-up posing, college studying, eco-product using, gum chewing, modeling, thought provoking, girl loving, vagina dancing, Starbucks drinking, animal activist, scene kid, vegetarian/pseudo-vegan, modeling, black nail polish wearing, sarcasm producing, educational channel watching, journalistic/blogging, irony indicating, dermal wearing, four-eyed, church going, potty announcing, rabble-rousing, fangbanging, ethical slutting, semi-able bodied, gimpy, pepsi drinking, ASLing, ally to all...